Alex Warren, one of TikTok’s shining stars and a member of Hype House, is being accused of copying YouTuber David Dobrik—and it’s sparked online controversy.

After it became clear that David was his dude, the ice=broken. DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik) on TikTok | 625.4M Likes.

David Dobrik broke into the YouTube scene and him and his group of friends have dominated ever since. Find out who is part of the Vlog Squad here! The 23-year old vlogger has taken a break from uploading his regular content, which often includes crazy stunts, heartwarming giveaways, celebrity appearances, and fun moments with all of his friends.

Follow me on Instagram for a surprise! The only way to know that Austin liked David Dobrik was through research.

19.5M Fans.

I monitored his Twitter activity with the deliberate result of figuring out what resonated with him. David Dobrik’s Latest Giveaway David Dobrik hasn’t returned to his regular YouTube posting schedule yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from shocking fans with yet another generous giveaway. So when I emailed Austin about getting a job with the Brew, I led with a really niche David Dobrik reference. 2.8m Likes, 15.1k Comments - DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik) on Instagram: “Young Bieber Haired David would be proud”