Whisk it well and keep aside. Palak Pakora is Ready to serve.

The addition of cram and vegetable stock makes the gravy even more delicious than you can imagine. Peel and cut roundels of onions about ½ cm thick. Eat it plain or with the traditional mint-cilantro chutney. Method. Although the Dum Aloo recipe uses boiled baby potatoes in its preparation, you can also deep fry boiled potatoes till crisp. They taste specially good with Dal and Chawal and can also be served as snacks and side dishes. This is a healthy vegetarian/vegan snack for some quick energy. Transfer fried palak pakoray on tissue paper in a plate. Made with potatoes, gram flour and spices, this super easy recipe is a staple in Indian kitchens. Aloo Pakora is a universal favourite. In a bowl mix together besan salt, ajwain, turmeric, chilli powder, green chilli, ginger and water. Crispy Pakoray / Aloo palak Piyaz ke Pakoray/Ramazan Special Recipe in by kitchen with wafa Potato-Onion Pakora is wonderful if you’re hungry and want to make a quick snack with simple ingredients. Dip leaves in all-purpose flour paste and deep fry.

Ingredients: 1/5 kg cup Besan 2 finely sliced onion 2 finely slicedpotato … When sudden guests drop in, this pakora recipe can quickly rescue you.

The onion tomato masala used in the recipe is … Further, the use of Kashmiri red chilli powder and curry paste gives the Dum Aloo recipe an authentic taste of Kashmir.. Palak Pakora Recipe (Spinach Pakora) Remove stem and wash spinach leaves.