The first step you must take to change outfit is to go to the locker on the floor b2 of Neuron HQ, because this is the main location, for this you need to approach and open it, this is given in the team option.

RELATED: Devil May Cry: The 10 Most Insanely Difficult Missions In The Series Member. To unlock new costumes in Astral Chain, you need to do a couple of things to add variety to your character's appearance and do things other than the main We have five types of Legion in Astral Chain named as; Sword, Arrow, Beast, Arm, and Axe. - You will be able to buy clothes and change your appearance during the game when you're at the police station ... Astral Chain will likely be the better game. In Astral Chain you can freely customize your appearance whenever you're at HQ. Of course, you could always replay the prologue to change those but there is another way to change your name later. In ASTRAL CHAIN, there are five types of Legion that the player has access to during gameplay - Sword, Arrow, Arm, Beast, and Axe. unicornKnight. With a complex combat system, interesting RPG mechanics, lots of quests to complete and more, you can lose yourself in Astral Chain’s intricacies. Astral Chain is an incredibly deep game. Check out our 'Hidden Accessories Guide' for Astral Chaos to find out how you can find these items and where to equip them. The Legion are tethered to a human controller, and work effectively in co-operation with said controller. Astral Chain gives you the opportunity to change the appearance of your characters during the game by finding the dozens of unlockable hidden accessories. The only things you cannot change are your name and gender. Let's see how to change outfit or clothing in Astral Chain. Jul 25, 2019 #23 More RPG elements = more chances for day one purchase <3 . There are many neat things you can do in and out of combat that the game simply doesn’t tell you. Of course, any complex game tends to have a few shortcomings when it comes to tutorials. Astral Chain was one of last year's most impressive Nintendo Switch releases. The Legion are a special type of living weapon designed by humanity and used by the Neuron task force in response to the chimera threat attacking the Ark.

They all differ in abilities, fighting style and of course appearance. Oct 27, 2017 7,472 Athens, Greece.