The company manufactures other types of guitar pedals but prides itself with the Boss CH-1 super chorus brand due to the growing number of demand of the pedal.

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You might argue that they’re not pretty, but still they have a certain feel of quality and a nice retro vibe to them.

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal is a type of guitar pedal commonly used by guitarists which makes a pleasant chorus sound.

The unit itself has been around since 2004 and remain to this day a best-selling product; This is because it has so many fantastic characteristics which are worthy of praise. Since the late Seventies, thousands of guitarists have relied on a dependable pair of orange and yellow Boss stomp boxes known respectively as the DS-1 Distortion and OD-1 Overdrive.

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The 10 best delay pedals 2020: our pick of the best delay guitar effects from Boss, Strymon, Electro-Harmonix and more By MusicRadar , Amit Sharma ( Total Guitar , Guitarist ) 19 February 2020 Explore the best analog and digital delay pedals for all budgets Read the full EarthQuaker Devices Palisades review (Image credit: Boss) 9. Boss CH-1 Chorus pedals are manufactured by Boss Company.

Is the BOSS …

First impressions matter, even when it comes to guitar pedals.

Boss is among the most revered and respected manufacturers in the music industry, and this makes the BOSS ME-50B an intriguing choice. The result is a pedal that lets you dial in a massive range of overdrive tones – not just good impersonations of TS pedals, but much gainier drives verging on distortion and fuzz, as well as transparent boost/overdrive.

The Boss ME-50B is the golden standard of Bass Multi-Effects Processors. As stated in the main review, the EQ hasn’t the versatile yet predictable range of the higher-end amps, Indeed the midrange tends to cloud rather than push anywhere over 12’o clock, but, to re-iterate again, if you’re using it as a clean platform, your pedals will easily solve that issue.
The BOSS pedals have had the same basic design for decades, and it would feel so very wrong to change that now. And this is what is so impressive about the BOSS ME-50B. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver