You may even find that your dog urinates on your bed. Many dog owners assume that a dog who is urinating while sleeping is a dog who hasn’t been completely housebroken, but in reality, a dog with sleep incontinence is …

Consulting your vet should really be your first response to any abnormal behavior or symptoms you see in your puppy. While many people associate a dog urinating when sleeping with older dogs, it can happen to pets of all ages. So if you find yourself having to clean up puddles or cleaning spots of urine from your carpets , hardwood floors or bamboo flooring , when your dog is already housetrained, there are a few things you should consider while getting to the root of the issue. This usually involves small amounts of urine and tends to occur more when a dog is sleeping or lying down to rest. it did'nt start til after she was fixed. This is a page about dog peeing inside when lying down. Affected dogs are generally able to control their urine, but when they lie down to relax to sleep they lose conscious control. You will need to determine if it warrants a trip to the vet or other action. A normal, healthy dog is equipped with a bladder which basically acts as a storage container meant to house urine. Theres a big difference between your dog having an accident in the house and your dog leaking urine suddenly.

In order to understand the dynamics behind a dog urinating while sleeping, a little lesson in anatomy is needed.

Unfortunately, dog incontinence while sleeping can be a real problem.

It can be alarming and frustrating when a trained dog begins to have accidents in the house.

Urinary incontinence occurs when a dog loses its ability to control this action, leading to involuntary leaking of urine. In the past, estrogen therapy was the treatment of choice; however, while many dogs will respond well to the estrogen therapy, estrogen is not always safe and other drugs offer a safer way to accomplish the same effect without the side effects of estrogen.

Please help, she is a inside part of our family and we getting tired of changing sheets daily!! Get Your Dog Checked for Urinary Infections!! this happens for about a week every 2 1/2 months. If you thought children were the only ones who would engage in bed wetting, think again; a dog wetting the bed while sleeping is not an uncommon problem. ! my female dog is urinating while laying down, she's not aware that she is. she was prescribed 500mg amoxicillin which does seem to help but only short term. Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down. If your dog pees while lying down, it’s messy.
This is because there are several different possible causes of a dog leaking urine when l…

It can also indicate a health or behavioral issue that you’ll want to solve sooner rather than later. Now to get to the heart of it, here are the things you should do when your dog leaking urine when lying down… 1.