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It also restores a small amount of HP.

The only way to get back any items Gremio was carrying is to revive him, near the end of the game. Kind of sad seeing him without Gremio or anything, you talk to McDohl and he silently walks into your party. 153. Fear not. Where no one hears your screams Permanently Plugged In ... Neoseeker Forums » Playstation Games » Suikoden » Gremio. Our pirate buddies are now a charge unit, and they are powerful. First time I played Suikoden 2 I didn't have Gremio alive in Suiko 1, I got McDohl ( NcDohl ) successfully and when you go to Gregminster to get him in your party there's no "Hello Hero, have you come over to play?" Effect: Gain in: Sell by Carrie/Nest of Pirate, Na-Nal, Obel, Razril Item Shop. ~ Collision Viktor: Not this time! Suikoden Tunes – War! Since you didn't revive Gremio, then you wouldn't be able to get Gremio on Convoy in Suikoden 2. Gremio: If you never revive him, it will say he died in the Soniere Prison. HalfDemon Inuyasha.

The Sacrificial Jizo is an item used to revive a party member in the very moment they get knocked out.


Gremio joins automatically at the beginning, but is lost for a while in the middle of the game. It appears in almost all of the Suikoden Main Series. Suikoden games are one of the most under-rated JRPGs that have released a few decades ago on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Post Oct 18, 2003 #9 2003-10-18T12:42. ----- Reviving Gremio ----- Yes, it's true, you can revive Gremio after he gets killed, but there is only one way to do so, by collecting the other 107 Stars BEFORE … Pahn: If he lost the Teo McDohl battle, then it will say so. The items do NOT appear in Rock's vault. Before the last battle, Leknaat will come and revive Gremio. You got all characters before the final big "army vs. army" battle against Yuber. Suikoden IV Description: Recover from Unconciousness. There is a way to bring him back, but you need all 108 Stars of Destiny recruited before taking on the last battles. If you revived him, then it says he follows the hero. With Gremio gone, the Commander's Team has sunken to third-best, tied with Fishermen, who have risen thanks to Kimberley joining their ranks.

2 – Gremio – The caretaker for Tir McDohl.

With its last title on the PSP that didn’t even make it outside Japan, many are still hoping that one day, Konami or some other developer will revive the series back. Welcome to my blog: Suikoden 1 walkthrough - Blogger‎ 11 Nov 2011 - Suikoden 1 walkthrough. Suikoden II - Know the Facts! Constantly worrying about Hero’s wellbeing throughout their journey. 153.

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