São Julião Beach – Sintra. Frank and I spent 3 days in Lisbon city on my birthday, and the rest of our vacation we spent on the beautiful coastline near the Portuguese capital.. After all, it’s not so difficult to find the best beaches in Lisbon District, since many of them have good public transport connections. Soft sandy beaches, fresh ocean breeze, and sunny days await you in one of the many Lisbon beaches.
With a stretch of sand of over 250 … The TOP 10 Beaches on the Lisbon Coast.

The beaches of Cascais and Estoril are the easier ones to get to from center Lisbon: approximately every 20 min from Cais do Sodré station departs a train stopping near all of them until Cascais.. "A very nice beach in Lisbon, sandy beach and good organised; will be the nicest beach in summertimes; there are some good restaurants to try; nice for walks in spring ." "Best for natural swimmer and surfing also some good restaurant next to the beach."
The yellow markers display the top 10 beaches easily accessible from Lisbon by public transport, and are all highly recommended for your beach day trip. © wikimedia.org – Vitor Oliveira. The following map shows the location of the top ten beaches in the Lisbon region. And despite the blue flag atesting the water quality, it is far from the crystal clear you can find on other beaches. PORTINHO DA ARRÁBIDA - Unquestionably the best waters on the Lisbon coast. TROIA - Fine sand and the feel of a resort escape. GUINCHO - Perhaps the most beautiful beach on the Lisbon coast, and manages to feel quite wild. They are small so they can get severely crowded. MECO - You won't find a more peaceful and refreshing beach around Lisbon. Yet, these are still urban beaches.