The 1st XI have won the league's Premier Division title on two occasions. The 1883 final was between Blackburn Olympic and Old Etonians at the Kennington Oval in south London, with Blackburn winning 2-1 after extra time. The following year, a different team from the area - the Blackburn Olympic - bested the Old Etonians in the FA Cup final, winning 2-1. Founded by Lord Kinnaird, they were the last amateur or "true blue" club to win the FA Cup on 25 March 1882 when they beat Blackburn Rovers 1–0 at The Oval. Other former members of the school had previously founded Stoke-on-Trent F.C. As a match, the Cup Final was a war of attrition, with little room for individual creativity.

Darwen were derided for wearing trousers cut off at the knee (held up by braces) instead of knickerbockers and a motley collection of shirts. Old Carthusians entered the FA Cup for the first time in 1879–80. Other clubs formed in similar circumstances include Old Etonians and Old Westminsters. When Darwen, a team of cotton mill workers met the Old Etonians in the FA Cup semi-final of 1879, two worlds collided. They won the trophy on two occasions, 1879 and 1882. Famous players included Arthur Kinnaird, Francis Marindin, W. H. Gladstone, the son of the British Prime Minister, William Gladstone, and Quinton Hogg. Popular Quizzes Today. In modern times, Old Etonians are members of the Arthurian League (affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance) and field two teams there. As an example, before professionalism took hold, Old Etonians contested no fewer than six FA Cup finals, winning two of them. in 1867, which would go on to be known as Stoke City. Blackburn Olympic – Old Etonians 2-1, after extra time; 1-1 (0-1). One of their losses was against Old Carthusians. Ed Lilley Anything but South American Capitals 10,319; Hangman - Star Wars 8,405; UK Pub Quiz: Let's Have Another Round 6,116; Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield 5,966; Find the Countries by Their Former Names 5,826; More Quizzes Old Etonians' last participation in FA Cup was the 1887–88 edition. A bit about Darwen FC. The Old Etonians Football Club is an English football club whose players are taken from previous attendees of Eton College, in Eton, Berkshire. Old Etonions reached the final six times in nine years between 1875 and 1883. This match saw Eton with the chance to return to the heights of the Old Etonians of 1875 and 1883 who won the famous FA Cup. Can you name the FA Cup winners? Up against them were a school steeped in footballing tradition that made for a compelling spectacle for all involved. March 31, 1883 Match: English FA Cup, Final, at Kennington Oval, kick-off: 15:35. The series includes the dramatic 1879 FA Cup quarter-final between upper class team Old Etonians and their working class opponents from Lancashire, Darwen FC as they battled to an incredible 5-5 draw.