A ring a boy gives a girl, usually in college, to signify he intends on marrying her, but that they’ll wait until they’re older.

However, it can be given for many different reasons -- as a symbol of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, friendship, or even a promise to oneself to stay clean and sober. A promise ring is a symbol of commitment and is often seen as a pre-engagement ring. The Meaning Of A Promise Ring. Determine the Meaning of the Ring. The meaning of a promise ring in a relationship is unique to each couple. 2. When you know you have found the friend of your life, gift them a promise ring and wear a similar ring to celebrate your undying friendship. In some cultures, a promise ring is believed to be a pre-engagement ring, although technically, a pre-engagement and a promise ring are not one and the same. The first step in deciding what your promise ring speech will entail is figuring out what you want the ring to mean. Shutterstock. Rings that demonstrate deep commitment are almost always exciting news to share with roommates, parents, friends, and siblings. Pre-engagement ring, a ring worn to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship and a promise for an engagement in the future; Purity ring, a ring worn to signify a pledge to sexual abstinence until marriage "Promise Ring" (song), a 2007 song by American entertainer Tiffany Evans The Promise Ring, an American emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Promise rings are not engagement rings but they can serve as placeholder rings when a couple is waiting on marriage or as mementos when a couple is apart due to geographic distance. Often, it is the first token of a serious relationship that is just developing, but exchanging promise rings can equally be a symbol of a joint commitment which is not related to love.

Now you’re probably wondering how much you should spend on a promise ring. Promise ring may refer to: . Usually a very simple ring (for broke college students), with a little heart in some way.

The good news is that promise rings are supposed to be temporary, and therefore they don’t have to be crazy expensive. Best friends share a bond closer than most couples these days. You are lucky if to have found a friend who has your back, no matter what. Promise Ring- The Universal Symbol of Love and Commitment A promise ring, aka a promissory ring is easily confused with analogous rings like purity ring or the commitment ring. The promise ring meaning for her is often richer and more defined. The intention is that the promise leads to a formal engagement. It’s relationship progress, commitment, and even an important social signal. The amount you spend on the ring will … Promise Ring Cost.


Friendship. Can be very romantic. Promise Ring Meaning A promise ring is a sign of commitment between two people. But in general, when given or exchanged, promise rings signal commitment to an exclusive relationship. For some couples, a promise ring is a trial run that allows the partners to see if a deeper commitment will work.