Avoid excessive censorship. Social media is meant to be social. Let’s face it, you can’t avoid negative comments on social media as much as you would like to. The best way to get beyond a negative comment is to fill up your social media channels with amazing students, fun videos and staff stories that will yield positive feedback. Consumers read 90 percent of online reviews before considering a purchase or scheduling an appointment (BrightLocal, 2017).

Social Media is a unique public environment that has its own culture and expectations. Not responding to a customer question on social media is like not answering the phone in a call center — not good for business. In the third series on Social Media Development, this Tip of the Month focuses on responding to positive and negative comments from followers. This article will set out some practical tips for responding to negative comments on social media. Responding to negative social media comments is never a fun task and, at times, not an easy one. Your company may receive negative comments on your social networks targeting the company directly around customer services or product / service quality.

Whether you’re an organization of 10 people or 10,000, responding to your customers, prospects, and fans on social media is worth the time and investment. How to Master Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media By Naomi Linford October 31, 2018 Customer service Strategy For most organisations, unfortunately tackling negative comments, feedback, and complaints on social media is while unpleasant, just a reality of the job. Traditional customer service and public relations may not be enough. Responding to Negative Reviews on Social Media.

There is a careful balance to be struck between freedom of speech and censorship. When you receive comments, whether they are positive or negative, this is a great thing for your school. All businesses make mistakes: a package doesn’t arrive on time, a restaurant brings out the … When responding to negative reviews, less is more. Excessive deletion of posts will reflect poorly upon the local government and can cause the community to disengage or become angered. An employer may discipline an employee for posting negative comments on a social networking site if the employee's comments are offensive or inappropriate, and not related to employment issues. Do you need a plan to handle customer complaints?

Here are some tips to handle complaints, negativity or inappropriateness online. You may be getting negative feedback, but not all those who complain may be trolls. Responding quickly and appropriately to negative social comments can help you increase customer loyalty and retention.