Now, WebDAV service is enabled in your server’s “sites” folder. To do this, click on the directory on the left of the menu and then select Authentication. 4. You can use Basic Authentication with WebDAV, but the WebDAV redirector will only use Basic authentication with SSL connections. The only method to reconnect in Basic Authentication mode is … :) I'm using Windows 10 Build 15063 and latest Office 2016. Hi, You mentioned Sharepoint initially, but then talked about Apache – does that mean Sharepoint works with basic auth? If you want to do cross domain authentication, there are two types:multiple forest and multiple domain. Windows Server 2003 R2/2008 provided what is called Active Directory Federation Services, which do allow more control over which domain controllers are used for cross agency authentication. 3 thoughts on “ Apache WebDAV setup compatible with Windows ” Chris Kimpton 2013-09-04. Note. Weird thing is, that Word etc. The authentication method must then be selected and activated. But I think this behaviour can't be fixed, because Office always opens a new connection to the webdav endpoint. In the Run window, type in regedit and press Enter. I just need to click OK in the dialogue. When the Authentication feature opens, make sure that Windows Authentication is enabled. Done, restart Apache server service. Restart Apache Server. Open the following registry entry: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\services\WebClient\Parameters\BasicAuthLevel … So it needs credentials in my understanding. The solution might have to be on Nextcloud if you wish to continue using Internal Windows webDAV support. You can then click on the Default Web Site (or the site of your choice) on the left side of the menu to select WebDAV Authoring Rules. Maybe this will help! If you want to use Basic authentication over HTTP, you can enable it modifying the corresponding entry in the Windows Registry. The bottom line would be, that it appears that thru the Windows 2003 SP2 that WebDav Redirector Basic Authenication has been disabled not allowing the login credentials to be passed to the SharePoint (WebDav) server. Cheers, Chris. fill out the credentials. "Starting in Windows 7, Basic Authentication cannot be persisted by the Credential Manager. On a non-domain computer, fallback to basic authentication working perfect, and with the computer in domain authentication breaks. It means enable the WebDAV access for “sites” folder, and use “user.passwd” file for authentication, under realm “DAV-upload” as well (AuthName DAV-upload). If it is not enabled, select Windows Authentication, and click Enable in the Action menu. There is a problem on domain computers, on which a domain controller is not available, when integrated webdav clients cannot use any other authentication method except Negotiate. PS I just noticed our internal sites are using http (not https) – wow. Right-click “Windows Authentication”.